Peta – No Fur Pins

There’s no excuse to wear fur.

Animals killed for their fur and skin are slaughtered in gruesome, cheap and cruel ways. Many of the most common methods – such as gassing and electrocution aren’t always lethal and some animal regain consciousness while they are being skinned.

Much of the world’s fur comes from China where animals are routinely skinned while they are still conscious and struggling to escape.¬†

It’s not just wild animals that are tortured this way for the fur trade, domestic dogs and cats in China are also bludgeoned, hanged and strangled with wire nooses so that their fur can be turned in to trim or trinkets and this fur is often mislabeled as faux.

Most fur comes from factory farms – filthy places where animals spend their entire miserable lives in cages so small that they can’t take more than a few steps in any direction or do any of the things that are natural or meaningful to them.

The frustration of life in cages causes many animals to go insane and chew their own limbs, cannibalise their cagemates or throw themselves repeatedly at cage bars.

Some fur comes from animals who were caught in steel-jaw traps which cause so much suffering that they’ve been banned in 80 countries.

Animals caught in these traps struggle for hours in excruciating pain as the trap cuts in to their flesh, often down to the bone.

Some animals, often mothers that are desperate to get back to their young even attempt to chew off their own trapped limbs and then when the trappers return, they strangle, beat or stamp these animals to death.

Animals killed for their skin and fur endure miserable lives and horrific deaths but they don’t have to . With so many luxurious non-animal alternatives available, you can help make the world a kinder place by never buying or wearing animal skins.

Fur is dead and PETA have launched some enamel pins that you can wear to let people know that the skin you’re wearing is not real!


Get yours now.

Also check the PETA website to find out which fashion brands are Vegan approved.

Extract on the fur trade taken directly from PETA.

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