Say Cheese

When I first made the vegan transition, the thing I thought I’d struggle the most with was cheese.

These days though, there are so many vegan cheese brands on the market, you’re really spoiled for choice.

Of course some are better than others and they’re not always cheap but then saying that, neither is normal cheese.

With cheeses made from coconut milk, cashew, macadamia and all other kinds of dairy free alternatives, there’s so much variety out there, from supermarket own brands to more artisan brands, going vegan doesn’t mean you have to go without!

In no particular order, theses are my top 5 vegan cheese brands.


A little plasticy in texture although I’m a fan of that, if you liked the texture of cheese strings then you’ll love this. The only problem for me is I can quite easily made my way through the block just by cutting slices off and nibbling . .  .


Also with a Greek style cheese, perfect for crumbling over salads, a grateable Italian style hard cheese and mozzarella as just some of their range, Violife is one of my favourite brands.


Tyne Chease

A little more expensive, this artisan brand have 100% gotten it right!

Lots of variety and creamy textures, Tyne Chease is perfect for an after dinner party cheese board.


Personally, I love the pink peppercorn and mustard cheeses but you can get everything from Ethiopian spiced for an exotic flavour to macadamia truffle and sundried tomato cheeses.

Bute Island

Long established brand Bute Island not only produce their famed range Sheese but have also teamed up with some of the UK’s leading supermarkets to make their own brands too.


The slightly crumbly texture of real cheese is there although the flavours tend not to be as strong. I find these work better when melted or in a sauce rather than on their own.



Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda’s ranges in conjunction with Bute Island all differ slightly in flavour with jalapeno chilli, smoked, blue and Wensleydale style cheeses as some of their offerings.

You can certainly make up a cheese board with them.

My absolute favourite of the supermarket own dairy free cheeses though is by far Tesco’s soft cheese with peppercorns. Pass me the table water biscuits right now!

download (1)


Founded by Heather Mills, I’m a big fan of a slice of the pepperjack thrown in a bun with a meat free burger and the mozzarella is lovely sliced in a salad. 


The edam doesn’t quite have the texture of the real Dutch cheese but is flavoursome and at least you don’t have to peel off the wax!

Follow Your Heart

Maybe a little harder to find in a normal supermarket, this brand is up and coming and if like me, you love already sliced cheeses for sandwiches or to go in a bun with meat free burgers then there are lots of flavours to chose from and this brand get it right.



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