Sweet Like Vegan Chocolate

Before turning vegan, I have to say, I was never really a chocoholic, I was always more in to pic n mix style sweets but there’s definitely something in where when you can’t have something, you want it more!

Well, do not fear, vegan chocolate is on the up and here are, in no particular order a few of my favourite brands.



For me, maybe best of the bunch, A German brand available in most health food stores, it’s one I’d definitely like to see available in the more mainstream supermarkets.

Full of hazlenuts and rich in flavour, Vego is not only vegan but also organic, gluten free and palm oil free!


Vego also do a crunchy alternative to the non vegan and full of palm oil nutella – the only problem is trying to resist attacking the pot with a spoon!

Having said that, if you were to eat your way through 6 pots, you’d have 6 nice new drinking glasses . . .

moo free

Another of my favourites, British brand, Moo Free have a great range and are also vegan, organic, gluten free, palm oil free and also soya free.


Moo Free are also really good when it comes to Easter with Easter eggs and themed bars and Christmas with specialty selection boxes and advent calendars all of which can be found not only in health food stores but in most supermarkets now too.


Exciting flavours, organically farmed cocoa and sustainable packaging put these in my top 5.


I’m particularly fond of the white nougat crisp form this German brand!

So free

Chocolate produced by one of the oldest, established vegan brands, of course so free have gotten it so right!


Again vegan, organic, gluten free and this time nut free as well as ethically sourced and British.

Sweet freedom

OK, so not technically chocolate as in, in bar form but I could leave this British brand off my list.

From fruit syrups to choc shots and choc pots as well as shake makers, I can’t get enough of Sweet Freedom.


100% natural fruit syrups, low in calories, I have no idea how hey are made to taste so good, they just are!

If you’ve ever heard of ‘death by chocolate’ – this choc pot is literally to die for, it’s heaven in a tub!

And now for a limited time, there a mint choc shot available at Aldi, I was of course one of the first to rush out and make a purchase, I even got stuck in traffic because I forgot to look out of my window before I went out but was it worth it? Hell yes!!!



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