Sutton and Sons


Before I was vegan, I have to admit that ‘fish & chips’ was probably my favourite traditional English food.

I grew up in Norfolk, right on The Broads  and not too far from the coast so fish & chip takeaways wrapped in newspaper were a pretty regular thing.

I’m vegan for the animals, not because I never liked the taste of meat so I’m always delighted when new innovative restaurants which substitute traditional dishes for vegan alternatives open up and Sutton and Sons don’t disappoint.

The traditional family run shop which has been established for almost 20 years, saw the rising demand for vegan options and added some to the menu and found them so popular that they opened up the first fully vegan fish & chip shop in London.

The banana blossom fish is delicious, marinaded in samphire and seaweed before being battered and flaky just like fish, it’s the perfect alternative and I have no idea how they make the prawns in the prawn cocktail so similar to prawns but they’re amazing, and the calamari, yum!




The only problem with fully vegan establishments is that you literally want to try everything on the menu and there’e so much choice that it’s impossible but next time, I’m definitely going to have to try the battered sausage.

Whether you sit in and go for fish & chips, which I did, along with a  glass of fizz or take away, a visit to this restaurant is an absolute must!

I’m 100% going to become a regular visitor and as an added bonus, the branch is right near one of my favourite vintage shops.


Where to find them

Phone: 020 3643 2017
Address: Graham Road, London E8 1BP

Opening times

  • Monday to Thursday 12 to 10pm
  • Friday to Saturday 12 to 10:30pm
  • Sunday 12:00 to 10pm


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