Last month, I ended up going on a last minute quick break in Amsterdam and who knew it was such a vegan haven?

The purpose of the trip was to test hot tubs (for a friend, not for me) so after getting up at the crack of dawn to make it to the airport for the early flight from Stansted and a rather scary chauffeur ride on the flip side with a driver who had maybe smoked a little too much herb, hot tubs were tested, champagne was drank and it was time to explore.

Everywhere we walked there were vegan fast food vendors and menu’s everywhere had vegan friendly options.

I love going anywhere where you can squeeze in some culture as well as sightseeing and Amsterdam is full of museums that you have to walk through cobbled streets and past canals to get to and of course there’s the ‘red light district’ and the ‘cafe’s’ if they’re your thing. They’re certainly not mine but I did visit the ‘Red Light Secrets Museum’ which was fascinating, I even got to sit in a mock window, as well as ‘The Diamond Museum’ – obviously and the ‘Moco Museum’ that had a Banksy exhibit on and also featured works by some of my favourites, Warhol, Hirst, Koons and Lichenstein.




By the time I’d done all this, my Fitbit was buzzing telling me I’d smashed my 10,000 steps and I was starving and couldn’t wait to try out The Vegan Junk Food Bar.


OMG heaven, the menu was divine, now I try and eat healthily most of the time but who doesn’t love a really good vegan burger?

I only wish I’d been there for a week, not only so that I could have visited more museums but also so that I could have eaten there every day and made my way through the whole menu, from vegan sashimi to blue unicorn bread to doggy style not dogs to vegan burgers of all kinds of deliciousness, not to mention the huge variety of loaded fries, smoothies, salads and heavenly desserts!

I went for an original VJFB burger which was divine and the truffle fires, yum! 


Amsterdam, I will be back and when I am, Anne Frank House and The Van Gogh Museum are next on my list and of course I’ll be going back to The Vegan Junk Food Bar! 

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