Lion Aid – I Am Not Your Trophy

On April 30th I went on my first ever animal rights march.


Since Cecil the lion I think a lot more attention has been brought to the barbaric so called ‘sport’ that is trophy hunting.

I can’t believe there are people that take pleasure in taking the life of a wild animal just to display a trophy on their wall? Surely such people are actually psychopaths?

Such majestic creatures and their numbers in the wild declining rapidly due to human existence. People really are the most destructive species on the planet. Every year wealthy trophy hunters pay thousands of pounds to cash strapped governments in Africa for permits to kill wild animals, not just lions but a whole list of species including giraffes, elephants, zebra, leopards and rhinos, in fact for this reason the black rhino was recently officially declared extinct.


The march went from Cavendish Square to Downing Street and was supported not only by the 1000 on the March but also by a whole host of well known names, the letter handed to David Cameron was signed by Brian May, Joanna Lumley, Brigitte Bardot and Professor  Stephen Hawking, if the greatest mind on Earth says that trophy hunting is wrong then surely nobody can disagree with him!


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