The Best Vegan Burgers – BBQ Season

With demand comes supply and the shop aisles have never been better than right now for vegan burgers!

Vegans fall in to two categories, the ones who don’t eat meat and won’t eat anything that even mildly resembles it, whether it’s taste, texture or shape and the ones who don’t eat meat because they love animals but won’t deny they like the taste.

I fall in to the second category, before being vegan, I quite liked the taste of some meats but my love of animals was stronger than my desire to eat them and I found it easy to give up eating meat for that reason but as well as my diet now mainly consisting of lentils and vegetables, I welcome plant based substitutes to things like sausages and burgers, especially now with it coming up to BBQ season, well, you can take the girl out of Oz . . . 


Of course there has been plenty of variety when it comes to vegan burgers for a while with bean burgers, jackfruit burgers and veggie burgers and generally I’m a fan of most of them but when it comes to throwing a burger on a BBQ, I personally want something that tastes real.

With the launch of the incredible Beyond Meat burger, the bandwagon was well and truly jumped on by all of the leading supermarkets and brands and as a result, the choice of vegan burgers that taste just like the real thing is mega!

Here are a few of my favourites!

1 Beyond Meat Burger

£5.50 for 2



These are just to die for, and the best thing? Nothing died to make them!

2 No Bull Burger

£2.00 for 2



The Iceland No Bull range also features Asian Burgers and Jalapeno Burgers and they do No Porkies Pulled Pork burgers, all of which are out of this world.



3 Move Over Meat Revolution Burger

£4.00 for 2



Waitrose rarely get it wrong and these are mouth wateringly good.

Linda McCartney Quarter Pounder

£2.00 for 2


Most UK Supermarkets

As one of the first big meat free brands, it’s no surprise that these are tasty!

5 Quorn Ultimate Burger

A new product added by Quorn to their vegan range

£3.00 for 2


Most UK Supermarkets

These are good but to live up to the ‘ultimate’ in the title, I was expecting more. They’re not all that different to the normal Quorn vegan burgers other than in size and don’t have the juicy realness that some other the other vegan burgers have.

For me, BBQ burgers are best served with salad, a slice of vegan cheese and ketchup in a seeded bun, yum!

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