New Year Fitness Goals

Some people think New Year’s Resolutions are pointless so call them what you like but I think the New Year is a great time for setting goals.

The New year is a great time to think about all the things you really want to achieve and then set yourself realistic timelines to achieve them.


You could set your goals in your head but I feel like by writing them down, you’re making an official contract with yourself and you don’t want to let yourself down, do you?

Not just fitness goals however, career goals, financial goals, personal development goals, relationship goals, wellbeing, you name it, you can set goals for it!

I was really good on my run up to December as was preparing for filming in Texas so was in the gym all the time and then once I was over there, I was still functioning on UK time so was up uber early every day so managed to hit the hotel gym most days whilst I was there too but then I got back and was busy and then Xmas happened so I’m back from Xmas now and am going to get straight back on it as of tomorrow morning, why wait until January?

So what fitness goals do I have?  

Weights – Minimum of 3 sessions a week

This will include short workouts dedicated to either core, arms or legs.

Different things work for different people and for me I like to do some weights just to tone, I don’t have the dedication of the inclination of turning in to a Muscle Mary, it’s just not for me, I’m more of a cardio girl as it’s proven to burn my fat quickly.


Running – Minimum of 5 times a week

I started running last year when I was training for Tough Mudder and have managed to keep it up. Distance running has never been easy for me but I try to do between 3-5K each time I run. 

In the Winter, it’s mainly in the gym but in the Summer I want to get out more and run in the parks, it makes for more interesting scenery and I find you actually run further than you think you have. I use Strava to track my distance. 

Yoga – Minimum of 3 hours a week. 

This should be easily achievable, there are two evening classes a week at my gym so  I can book in to those if my work schedule permits or do sessions myself using the Down Dog app which I highly recommend, it’s free to download and I find the free version is more than enough for me, it tailors a different workout each time you use it so that you’re not repeating exactly the same sequences over and over again, there are different levels available to suit all abilities and you can choose how long you want your workout to be so you can decide if you want a quick stretch in your lunch hour or a full practice.

If you do want more from the app though, you can pay a subscription to access more features like boosts.

Swim – 3 times a week 

I’ve never been a huge one for going swimming, mainly due to time management. I have a gym and pool in my apartment complex, it literally takes me less that a minute to get out of my door and in to the gym but by the time I’ve gotten up, walked the dog and spent an hour in the gym, it’s usually around 10am, if I go for a swim too then it would be rude not to use the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi being as I’m already wet, that then adds another hour and takes me to 11am so by the time I’m showered, dressed, hair and make up perfected, that’s half the day gone.

What am I going to do about it? I’m going to get up earlier! There really is no excuse It’s not like I don’t wake up early anyway, but then I’m guilty of lazing about in bed pressing snooze for far too long and then checking emails and social media.

This stops now, no more snooze, well maybe just one snooze but no more than that, I want to be in the gym by 7am latest and then the longest I’ll be there is 2hrs until 9am and I’ll be ready to rock n roll by 10am!

Swing Dance 

I’ve gone to classes sporadically before but then my local class stopped, I want to take it up properly and attend classes on a weekly basis though with a goal of being good enough to attend socials by the Summer, it just means I’ll have to actually get the tube to go to a different class, ugh, public transport. 

I go to classes by Swing Patrol , they do classes all over London and Brighton, check the website for class timetables and they’re drop in classes so you don’t need to turn up with a partner as you swap who you’re dancing with after learning each step anyway.

They also offer a range of different level classes, depending which venue you go to, there are levels, at most venues 1 and 1.5 but some offer a level 2, it’s £10 for the first class but if you find the first class easy and want to stay for more then further classes are £5 

Getting fit and having fun at the same time, win win!

Making a timetable is a good idea to remind you of the targets you’ve set yourself.

Bring on 2020!

Teeze & Tone

A good few years ago, in fact probably 10 years ago back when I was at the height of my glamour modelling career, I presented a little show called ‘Babe Aerobics’ it was basically a couple of episodes that played on loop on TV during the day and it’s never failed to amaze me the amount of people over the years who have asked me if I’m ever going to do any more . . .

Well it might have taken my 10 years to come up with the goods but I’d like to announce a new era of Dani Fitness!

The videos were actually meant to be available right at the beginning of the month ready for everyone setting their new years fitness goals but due to some pesky technical hitches on amazons part they’ve gone live today.

The videos themselves consist of quick workouts with warm ups and cool downs designed to fit in to your day easily and can easily be done at home as I know not everybody has time to get to the gym every day, if you don’t have a kettle bell or any weights, use a tin of soup from your cupboard. No excuses!

So are you ready to Teeze & Tone with my Glamour Workout? Well come on then, Let’s get physical!


Vol 1…r-Workout-Vol/dp/B0792LPP6C


Vol 2


Vol 3


Vol 4

A Cave Girl In Texas

The first thing that my friends said to me when I told them I was going out to Texas for a week to do some filming was ‘what are you going to eat?’

Granted, Texas isn’t exactly known for its vegan cuisine and I wasn’t too worried as I would have been happy to live on salad (which was also down to the fact that one of my costumes was a Racquel Welsh One Million Years BC style bikini – faux fur of course) but I was very pleasantly surprised by what was on offer.

I started my trip with a full vegan breakfast at Wagamamas at Heathrow and a customary glass of prosecco, I fully stand by my logic that airports don’t really have time zones so drinking in the morning is totally acceptable.

The flight on the way was with American Airlines and they had a chickpea curry and rice as the vegan offering which was lovely and the wine was flowing too which is always fun in flight (as long as you have an aisle seat because you need to pee a lot and you don’t want to annoy the person next to you if they’re a stranger).

The first day of filming on location was at San Padre Island, about an hours drive from Edinburg which was where most of the filming was done as the director, Joshua Kennedy is an Edinburg native.


It was a beautifully hot but very windy day at the beach, and a crazily busy day too, first shooting in the dunes in full black cowgirl get up for ‘Cowgirls V’s Pterodactyls’, I’m amazed I’m not still finding sand in places I didn’t even know sand could get and then cooling down a little whilst wearing the cave girl bikini and finally donning a kingfisher blue catsuit and taking a dip in the sea whilst shooting scenes for both the characters I play in ‘Saturnalia’ – the title character, Sarurnalia being the cave girl and her nemesis Elsa, who usually resides in the sea and has a sidekick called Igor played by Julian Flores.



Oh, I forgot to mention, I didn’t go to Texas to shoot just the one movie, I went to shoot three, the third being Mantopus that’s being shot on a vintage 1970’s 16mm film camera! #3films1week.


On the way back from filming we stopped at BurgerFi and I went with what I know and opted for the Beyond Burger, they did offer me a lettuce bun but I’m a vegan not a cretin, the regular bread bun was vegan and burgers are meant to go in buns!

After the next days filming, the wonderful Ana Kennedy (who makes the BEST vegan club sandwiches I’ve ever tried) picked up refried bean tamales from Delias, how I spent two weeks in Mexico last year and didn’t try a tamale I have no idea but that has now been rectified! I love Mexican cuisine and these were amazing, covered in smashed avocado and chilli sauce!


By midweek we were ahead of the shooting schedule so took an afternoon off and went to a 75th anniversary screening of Meet Me In St Louis, I didn’t think it possible to love this movie any more than I already did until I saw it on the big screen! Christmas magic at it’s best, they just don’t make movies like they used to!


After the cinema, a trip to Burger King to finally try the Impossible Whopper, it is aimed at vegetarians rather than vegans sop you have to make sure you order minus the cheese and mayo but OMG, it tasted exactly how I remember whoppers to taste, I can’t wait for these to make their way over to the UK!

The rest of the shoot flew by far too quickly, I was spoilt again by Ana Kennedy when she made a special vegan chocolate and raspberry cake and presented my with giant bags of Lay’s barbeque flavoured crisps, oh how I wish Walkers’ would bring their barbeque crisps back!!!


I also managed to pick up a few things at the supermarket, a bottle of scorpion chilli Tabasco which is WAY hotter on the scoville scales than any of the other sauces by the brand and a few bottles of liquid smoke which apparently you can find in some UK supermarkets but I’ve never has any success, I can’t wait to try it out to make carrots taste like smoked salmon at Xmas!


I didn’t get the hang of Texas time the whole time I was there so was up at the crack of dawn and in the gym for 6.30am every morning, shame I haven’t managed to keep it up since I got back, in my defence though, it is Xmas and I don’t have to shoot in a bikini for a while so will pick up again after Xmas . . .

My final morning in Texas was free so when I asked what I wanted to do, anybody who knows me will know that the obvious choice was to take a trip to the birding centre. 


The weather had been a little bi polar during my stay, hot one day and cold or rainy the next but it was the perfect morning, gorgeous sunshine and beautiful wildlife, I saw pelicans, egrets, hawks, my favourite grackles (I fell in love with them in Mexico last year), green jays, kiskadees, thrashers, mockingbirds, vibrant red cardinals, chachalacas and tufted titmouse birds, I also spotted a pair of turtles having a swim but only one lizard in the whole time I was in Texas. Thankfully I didn’t see any tarantulas but I did get eaten alive by the mosquitoes, they must have liked dining out on my foreign blood!



After the birding centre, we stopped at Snow Bite for lunch on the way to the airport, a Vietnamese place with great vegan options, I went with tofu spring rolls that we more like summer rolls that spring rolls and the vegan noodle soup, both were delicious and then we were given a complementary dessert of banana bomb which was vegan when eaten without the ice cream, yum!

I wouldn’t usually eat a 3 course meal at lunch time but it turned out it was lucky I did as American Airlines had no vegan or even veggie options (which apparently had been pasta in a plain tomato ragu) by the time the got to where I was sitting on the plane and then the flight attendant asked me if I would like to try the chicken . . . I had to explain that vegans don’t eat chicken. I survived the flight on mini pretzels and some dry crackers, it was a night flight though so I watched a couple of movies and slept, had it been a day flight, I’d have been starving! 

Touching down in London, luckily passport control and baggage claims were quick and I went straight to M&S for a much needed Hoisin no duck wrap, if you haven’t tried them, you really must.

So after an adventurous week in Texas, riding pterodactyls, fighting against myself and going up against a Mantopus, I have to say I loved every minute of it and dare I say it, I’ll be back . . .