Eat Seasonally Through The Apocalypse With A Veg Box

I really, really hope that one day when I grow up, I’ll have a garden of my very own with a vegetable patch where I can grow my own produce.

It’s so satisfying being able to yield your own produce and cook with fresh ingredients straight from the garden.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of being in the garden, helping my dad to harvest what he’d planted.


Oh yes, I was a natural blonde. Butter wouldn’t melt . . . 

Bus alas, I live in London, Zone 2 to be precise and I’d have to be a multi millionaire to be able to afford my own house here, which unfortunately I’m not so for the most part I have to go to the supermarket for my veg and then it’s hard to know what’s in season.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re eating seasonally, eating food when it’s actually meant to be eaten is with weekly veg boxes.

I used to get one every week but as I live alone and don’t always eat at home, I was struggling not to have waste but I did love the surprise element of not knowing what was going to be in the box every week until I’d opened it, it’s was like the vegan equivalent of a kinder egg but without the toy and also the challenge of cooking with ingredients that sometimes I’d never even heard of before. 

Before I discovered veg boxes, If I’d have heard the word salsify, I would have thought it  was something that might be yelled at you if you were taking part in a duel at Hogwarts and I remember the first time I saw a kholrabi in my box and was convinced it had landed on the farm in a spaceship and stowed away in my box.

Well, due to the current Corvid 19, Corona induced panic buyer infested supermarkets at the moment, venturing back to one after standing for 50 minutes in a queue last week amidst the madness isn’t overly appealing so next week it’s Tower Green Hamlets to the rescue!

I have a medium box on order, it will be delivered straight to my door, no queues, no stress and all locally grown, seasonal, organic goodness.


Boxes come in 3 sizes, there’s the option to add fruit supplements if you want and you can order weekly, fortnightly or monthly boxes or alternatively just order one off trial boxes whenever you fancy!



If you’re East London based, check them out, they either deliver to your door or you can pick up from various drop off points.

1 thought on “Eat Seasonally Through The Apocalypse With A Veg Box

  1. I love organic produce delivery, especially while I am sheltering in place, here in Northern California. For a household of 4, we get a medium box of mixed fruit and veg every two weeks. I have been a subscriber for a year or two longer than I have chosen to be vegan. July will be eight years vegan. Google search is my friend when I get an unfamiliar item in the box. The box also helps me switch up my greens in the daily smoothie.

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