Superdrug Colour Sensations

Well the Corvid – 19 apocalypse has called for a lockdown but that’s no excuse for a girl to let herself go!

I mean there’s a lot going on in the world right now and I grant you that having perfect hair might not seem like a priority but if you look good, you feel good so do your hair, paint your nails and put on your lipstick, even if you’re quarantining alone and nobody can see you!

All the salons are closed but before the lockdown, I managed to get my hands on some Superdrug Colour Sensations semi permanent hair dye. (Superdrug also being a drug store, might well still be open so you could be lucky, obviously be responsible though and only visit if you absolutely have to for medicine and then whilst you’re there . . .) 


I’ve been dying my hair since I was a 14 year old Spice Girl wannabe, ginger to be precise . . . and have been various shades of red, blonde and brunette ever since so I don’t even know what my natural colour is anymore, before I ever tampered with it, it was medium brown but prone to blonde streaks in the sun.

I’m a big one for DIY beauty, it’s only when I was blonde that I had my hair coloured professionally.

I used to use permanent colour but found it tried my hair too much and although the semi permanent colours are only supposed to last 28 washes, I always find my hair holds the colour so it’s only when my roots need a touch up that I need to refresh.

When it comes to buying cruelty free, hair dye can be tricky as most of the big brands that produce home dye are owned by companies that still test however all Superdrug own brand products are Leaping Bunny certified and cruelty free.


So I went with the 5.0 Dark Chocolate.

The contents of the box are pretty standard and easy to use, mix tube 1, the creme colour in with bottle 2, the creme developer and shake, put on the gloves, apply and leave for 20 minutes ,wash off and condition with tube 3, the intensive conditioner.



After drying my hair, the colour looked great, a nice, even, rich brown and my hair was glossy too.


Picture taken immediately after colour refresh for a Jawbreaker themed shoot! Jawbreakers are also vegan FYI.

The only fault I found was not in the product itself but that there wasn’t enough of it, luckily I’d bought two bottles as they were on offer at 2 for £5 so I had enough for full root coverage.

Maybe one bottle would suffice for root coverage for someone who has finer hair but I do have quite thick hair so definitely needed two just for roots and would probably need three for a full head coverage.

At £3.59 though or 2 for £5.00 the dye is great value and works out much cheaper than the big brand equivalents even if you do need two bottles.

Would I buy again? Yes!

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