New Look Vegan Range

Vegan footwear.

The problem I used to find with vegan footwear is that it just wasn’t that stylish. 

Functional, yes and good quality, well some arguably but not always fashionable.

Not only that but the solely vegan brands I’ve come across can be quite expensive. 

That is up until now with many of the high street retailers having seen the huge surge in demand for vegan products have brought out their own vegan ranges.

There was a time when we simply used to call it PVC and by some it was looked up on as cheap but gone are those days. Now it’s been rebranded as ‘vegan leather’ and is much more sought after.

I’m very much a casual dresser day to day but I like to look nice at the same time which means mostly I’m a t shirt, jeans and boots kind of girl so was delighted when last year, New Look who to be honest already had a great range of fashionable non leather footwear went a step further with the vegan labeling and brought out a whole new vegan range of shoes, boots and also handbags!


Here’s what new Look have to say about their range.

What makes shoes and bags vegan?

If you thought that you were shopping vegan all along, you’re not alone. It’s easy to think that if it’s not leather, it must be team vegan. We went straight to the experts at The Vegan Society to discover more about the shoes and bags, and this is what we found…

The PU leather

Here’s a surprise: not all PU leather is vegan. Most PU leather is finished with ground-cut leather sprays to give it a textured appearance, which features animal product. These vegan styles are leather-spray free.

The adhesives

Some adhesives, like glue and tape, are prepared using collagen from mammals, insects, fish, and products found in mammal milk. Unlike other shoes and bags, ours are free from any liquids and bonding materials that
have animal traces or produce.

The metal hardware

Metal is vegan. However, the process that it goes through to prevent it from rusting often isn’t. Most zips, poppers and other hardware details are exposed to chemical treatments with elements that feature animal products. We keep our supply chain transparent. This ensures that the hardware and adhesives on our vegan shoes and bags do not undergo chemical treatments that contain animal products.

Black boots that easily go on over skinny jeans are a must for me so these black boots were the first thing that went in my shopping basket.

And I fully believe that if you find something you like, you should buy it in every colour way so I also added the dark red (ox blood in name only) too!

And of course I couldn’t resist these stone faux snake heeled knee highs at £44.99 . . . 

When the boots arrived, they all fit perfectly. Sizes can vary shop to shop but I’d say these have it right so when ordering, order the size you usually are.

Oh and I bought A handbag too, because a girl can obviously never have too many handbags!


As a whole I’m hugely impressed with the collection, there’s a broad range of styles to suit all tastes and it’s affordable and cruelty free.

Click Here to shop online during lockdown and fingers crossed that we’re allowed back out to shop in store soon!


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